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Learning and personal development

Every employee has the opportunity to broaden skills and develop expertise that will make a positive impact on the company’s success, and theirs.

We strive to provide employees with the necessary resources and tools they need to grow and develop within our company, empowering each employee to take full advantage of learning opportunities to further their career. Whether it’s on-the-job, through modular eLearning or by participating in local and global development programs, they develop invaluable skills for the future. In addition, we encourage employees to become involved in cross-functional and international project teams as a key component of their learning and development within a matrix organizational environment.

At a global level, our learning centers and functional academies enable our people to develop their expertise and discover how they can work and act differently in their contribution to the company’s sustainable performance. Across the company, we share a common understanding of the competencies and behaviours needed to achieve our goals.

Recognition and rewards

Our rewards are strongly connected to business achievement, team success and individual performance.

Every employee has the opportunity to exchange with their manager, agree to annual performance and development goals, and determine how they can be accomplished. These are typically reviewed at mid-year and at the year-end, when each

employee has an assessment discussion to evaluate their performance and development progress. This review takes into account not only their short-term performance, but also their skills and competencies, potential, and commitment in a longer term.

Total compensation encompasses the financial rewards, services and benefits an employee may receive. It recognizes individual performance and

internal equity, while taking into account local market positioning. We also ensure equal compensation between women and men in similar roles. Our benefit plans aspire to fairness, solidarity, respect for others and compliance with local regulations and cultures, as well as encouraging social and individual accountability.

Development & mobility

We strive to provide a professional environment that challenges, develops, and fosters new learning and ideas, while encouraging all employees to develop their skills and pursue their career ambitions.

Cross-functional mobility is strongly encouraged across a broad spectrum of different business activities and functions. International mobility opportunities arise when there is a need to transfer skills or knowledge, or as part of a defined talent development plan.

Each employee plays a critical role in exploring new opportunities and roles within the company with the support and guidance of their manager.

Supporting career development and mobility across the Group, our global Talent Management process helps us to identify, develop and manage our talents throughout the organization, ensuring that the right people are in the right positions to enable the Group to achieve our business goals.

Through a robust and continuous talent review process, we:

  • Capitalize on the best talent resources
  • Develop our pipeline of future leaders
  • Recognize and mobilize key talents as a shared resource across the Group
  • Foster and drive our performance culture

Diversity at Sanofi

As a global company that respects all cultures, we are convinced that the rich diversity of our workforce and the talent they offer makes us more innovative, effective and competitive.

Diversity includes all facets of an individual that contribute to build an organization, such as culture, education, work experience, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, religion, and other characteristics that make each person unique. Fostering a stimulating, creative, and non-discriminatory workplace environment for all employees while ensuring respect for diversity and personal dignity is part of the Sanofi Code of Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility approach.

Join Sanofi Generics

If you are ready to make your mark with a company that’s making an impact in the lives of millions, join Sanofi Generics. We’re dedicated to creating a world where everyone has access to advanced medicines and innovative healthcare. To accomplish that, our dynamic, diverse environment offers an array of opportunities for challenging career opportunities.

Whether you are a student wishing to embark on a career in a fast evolving industry such as healthcare,

or an experienced professional eager to further you development and expertise in a challenging environment, Out Group offers career opportunities that will develop your talents, fulfill your goals, and inspire you to contribute to life-changing healthcare innovation. Join us in our ambition to protect health, bring hope and enhance life for the 7 billion people in the world.

With the creation of the Generics Division Sanofi strengthens its commitment to provide reliable

access to valuable and affordable high-quality, safe and effective medicines. In addition to being effective therapies, generic medicines also play an important role by enabling health care systems to invest savings in the development of future, innovative treatments. Sanofi Generics operates worldwide using already strong generic brands like Zentiva, Medley, Genfar, Winthrop and Globalpharma.